Java 7 Update 25 may cause Niagara applet to fail

Java 7 Update 25 may cause Niagara applet to fail

Oracle has just released JAVA 7 update 25 which appears to cause the Niagara web applet to fail. This issue may affect your customers who accept the default automatic JAVA upgrade.

Am I affected?

If JAVA 7 update 25 is installed, web browser users who login with a Workbench profile (which uses JAVA applets) are affected.  The wbapplet is prevented from being started, and the browser appears to stop loading the Niagara user interface.

All released versions of Niagara may be affected.

All browsers may be affected.

Is there a Workaround?

While no workaround is currently known for the Workbench profile in a web browser, our engineering team is working to identify the issues and make verified patches available for all supported versions.
Alternative workarounds are:

  • Edit user account to use HX profile. This does not use JAVA applets so does not require JAVA plugin. (Mobile profile in AX 3.7 should not be affected either).
  • Downgrade JAVA plug-in back to JAVA 7 update 21. This will require accessing Oracle JAVA archive and creating a free Oracle login to access the installer.

Further information

At this time we are still investigating the cause of the issue. We will provide further information when available.