Restoring factory defaults on an EC-BOS-8 - (Forgot Passphrase, Forgot Platform Password)

Restoring factory defaults
The process of restoring factory defaults returns the controller to the state it was in when it shipped from the factory.
This procedure describes the steps to restore factory defaults when using a terminal emulator program to
access the controller’s system shell menu.
• A USB-to-micro USB cable (same cable as that used to connect a smart phone to a computer) connecting
the controller to your PC. The Debug port on a controller is a standard Micro-A type USB port for debugging
serial communications.
• A terminal emulator (system shell program), such as PuTTY, installed on your PC.
CAUTION: Recovering factory defaults removes all platform and station data in the controller. Be sure to backup
data prior to performing this procedure.
Following are a couple of scenarios for which you might choose to restore factory defaults:
• While commissioning a brand new EC-BOS, you make an error entering the default platform daemon credentials
or passphrase. The result is that you cannot commission the controller. In this scenario, your only
recovery option is to restore the factory defaults.
• When decommissioning the EC-BOS, a best practice to follow is recovering the factory defaults in order to
wipe all of the platform and station data in the controller.
The figure with numbered call-outs, shown here, indicates the position of USB ports and switches behind the
access door.
1 PROG USB 2.0 for use with USB Flash (thumb) drive
2 DEBUG Micro-A USB for serial debug communications
3 BACKUP Pushbutton switch to start a USB backup, or if held in during power up/boot up, initiates
a factory recovery image
4 SHT/DWN Recessed pushbutton switch for initiating a controlled shutdown
5 BACKUP LED to indicate USB media present, or a backup, restore, or factory recovery image in
NOTE: For any EC-BOS-8 converted to run EC-NetAX, the USB Backup/Restore and USB port functionality is
not supported. And although holding down the Backup button during power up/boot up still functions to initiate
a factory recovery image, it restores the controller to it’s factory ship state which is EC-Net 4 v4.1 or later. You
must repeat the conversion procedure to get it to EC-NetAX-3.8U1.
• The DEBUG port is a standard Micro-A type USB port for serial debug communications to the controller. For
more details, see “About EC-BOS System Shell mode”.
NOTE: Login requires administrator level platform credentials.
• The SHT/DWN pushbutton initiates a “controlled shutdown” of the controller, ensuring that all station data is
Step 1 Ensure that the controller’s power is off.
Step 2 Press and hold down the backup and restore button as you power up the controller, and continue
holding down the button throughout the boot-up process until the button press is detected and this
confirmation banner displays :
Backup/Restore button press detected. Release button
now to proceed.
Step 3 Release the backup and restore button once the banner displays.
On detecting the button release, the system begins a 10-second countdown, which displays as shown
Press any key to restore from USB backup.
If no key pressed, factory recovery will begin in 10 seconds
Recovery begins in 9 seconds
Recovery begins in 8 seconds
Recovery begins in....
NOTE: Pressing any key during this 10-second countdown prevents the system from entering factory
recovery mode. Instead, the system switches modes to restore from a USB backup.
When no key press is detected during the 10-second countdown, the factory recovery process begins
at the moment the countdown finishes. Upon entering recovery mode, the boot process overwrites
the controller with a default factory image. During this process the Backup LED blinks at slow speed
(one second on, then one second off).
CAUTION: Once in recovery mode (BACKUP LED is flashing in slow blink), do not interrupt this process.
Allow the recovery to complete or the controller could be left in an inoperable state.
Step 4 When the Backup LED stops flashing, turn the controller’s power off and back on again to reboot.
NOTE: After restoring factory defaults the initial controller reboot process takes longer than usual.
On completion, the controller is restored to a factory default state.