JACE® 8000 Frequently Asked Questions

JACE® 8000 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which connections are standard on the JACE 8000?
A: The JACE 8000 comes standard with the following
connections: 24VAC/DC Power Supply, (2) isolated RS-
485, Wi-Fi, 1 type A USB (Backup & Restore), 1 micro USB
(Serial Shell), and (2)10/100 Ethernet Ports.

Q: By upgrading to the JACE 8000, can we move away
from JAVA?

A: While Niagara 4 still utilizes JAVA technology, you
no longer have to use JAVA as a Web visualization
technology. Niagara 4 offers users the opportunity
to choose open technologies such as HTML 5 when
building/viewing information over the Web.

Q: Are any drivers included with the JACE 8000?
A: Yes. Please refer to Tridium’s list of Niagara 4 drivers,
posted online at tridium.com/en/resources/library or
niagara-community.com. Additional Tridium or thirdparty
drivers can also be added.

Q: Does the JACE 8000 have RS 232?
A: RS 232 is available through an expansion module.
The base JACE 8000 does not have an RS-232
connection. If accessing serial shell, that can now be
done through the micro-USB port on the JACE 8000.

Q: Does every JACE 8000 have Wi-Fi capability?
A: Yes, all JACE 8000s come with Wi-Fi capability.
802.11a,b,g, and n networks are supported. Or, the
JACE 8000 can be ordered from Tridium with Wi-Fi
permanently disabled, if required.

Q: Is there an antenna option to get the wireless signals
outside of a metal enclosure?

A: The antenna uses a standard SMA connector. An
extension can be used to route the antenna and install
outside of the enclosure.

Q: Can the JACE 8000 be configured to automatically
save the history trending data to the Supervisor

A: Yes.

Q: Will existing NDIO modules work with the JACE
8000, such as with some sort of adapter cable?

A: No. However, Niagara 4.1 has a tool to help convert
NDIO points to an NRIO network. NRIO is compatible
with the JACE 8000.

Q: What Agency certifications does the JACE 8000 meet?
A: The JACE 8000 meets UL, CE, FCC, and numerous
other standards. Please see the data sheet posted online
at tridium.com/en/resources/library for a complete list of

Q: What is the default IP address for all JACE 8000 units?
Q: Will a JACE 8000 route IP data between Ethernet

A: No.

Q: What is the onboard JACE 8000 storage capacity
of the SD card?

A: Each JACE 8000 comes with a 4GB microSD card.
User space is set at 2GB.

Q: Are you able to upgrade to a larger SD card for
more space?

A: JACE 8000 microSD cards will need to be purchased
through Tridium. This ensures that the JACE 8000
performs as expected and has long life. Tridium reserves
the right to change the card capacity in the future.

Q: What happens if the microSD needs to be replaced?
A: Tridium recommends that you utilize a Supervisor
or new JACE 8000 USB Back-Up & Restore to back up
your JACE periodically. Similar to a Niagara AX JACE
today, licenses can be transferred over to new hosts and
a backup dist can be loaded. Contact your distributor for
replacement SD cards.

Q: Will our suppliers be able to carry SD cards in

A: Yes. Please check with your Niagara representative
for additional details.

Q: Can an SD card Host ID be generated on an
engineering laptop and then transferred to the
JACE 8000?

A: No.

Q: Can the license, station and drivers be transferred
from one JACE 8000 to another via the microSD

A: Yes. The new JACE 8000 will need the system
password from the old JACE 8000.


Q: What input power does the JACE 8000 need?
A: The JACE 8000 accepts 24VAC/DC without
additional modules. Tridium offers a standard line
voltage adapter (WPM-8000) for the JACE 8000.

Q: Can I use a USB flash drive with my JACE 8000?
A: Yes. After inserting a USB flash drive, you can do a
complete station backup or restore. See JACE 8000
documentation for additional details.

Q: Using the USB flash connection, would we be able
to export history to an external drive in real time?

A: The USB connector is defined for temporary use
and not meant to support permanently installed

Q: How is the JACE 8000 licensed?
A: All JACE 8000s come licensed by devices and points.
After determining how many devices will be integrated
into the JACE 8000, select the license with the
appropriate amount of capacity. For example, if you are
integrating 20 BACnet, 10 LON and 10 Modbus devices,
the NC-8050 device core could be selected to support
up to 50 devices.

Q: How will using the JACE 8000 in Niagara AX be
licensed — by Devices or Resources?

A: The JACE 8000 will initially be available with Niagara
4.1. We are looking to release a 3.8U build in the future
that will offer JACE 8000 support. Similar to Niagara 4,
the JACE 8000 will be licensed by devices and points.

Q: With the Device/Point licensing, are they both hard
limits? For example, 8010 can support 10 devices or 500
points. Is there flexibility to exceed one of those limits?
For example, 12 devices with 10 points each?

A: The JACE 8000’s device/point license applies to
which limit you reach first. In the example above, 12
devices exceed the 10-device limit, even though only
120 points were used. The device/point license are
hard limits, however upgrade packs will be available to
upgrade the license.

Q: Will my JACE 3E, 6, 6E or 7 have device/point limits
if upgraded to Niagara 4?

A: No.

Q: On licensing, will it still be possible to upgrade an
existing license to a license with more capacity? For
example, if a project is expanded during construction.

A: Yes, upgrade device/point packs are available. See
your distributor for details.

Q: Will the points being used by the JACE 8000 be

A: Yes. Station summaries can be viewed from the
resource manager.

Q: What are the device and point packs being offered?
A: The JACE 8000 is available with 5, 10, 25, 100 and 200
device base licenses. Additional device/point upgrades
can be added to any base license. They are available in
10, 25 and 50 device upgrade packs.

Q: Is there a limit to how many Device upgrade packs
I can add to a JACE 8000?

A: While there isn’t a hard limit on the number of
upgrade packs that can be added, users should monitor
CPU utilization, heap usage and integration bus limits
when adding device upgrades.

Q: If we have an 8200, and we have 200 controllers
connected, can we add one additional controller
without another JACE? Or are we absolutely locked
to controller number?

A: Upgrade packs are available to enable more than
200 devices.

Q: When does software maintenance start on the
JACE 8000?

A: Software maintenance starts when the JACE
software license is purchased. Please see your
distributor for details.

Q: Is Maintenance and Warranty the same thing?
A: No. Software maintenance enables access to the latest
Niagara build with new features and software updates.
Warranty covers the JACE 8000 from manufacturing

Q: Does the JACE 8000 automatically include
maintenance at the time of purchase?

A: Yes, it includes 18 months from the date of the creation
of the license, when bundled with the INIT license part.
Initial maintenance is a separate line item that must be
chosen while purchasing.

Q: Can I buy more than 1-year maintenance at a time?
A: Yes. SMA can be purchased for 1, 3 or 5 year periods.

Q: How will multiple quantities of maintenance appear
on a license?

A: Dates will run consecutively (i.e. buy qty 2 = 2 yrs).
Date will show in license header details and in license

Q: What if I choose not to renew my Niagara 4

A: If the SMA has expired on the JACE, it will continue to
run the station. However, the JACE will not have access
to any new versions, update builds or patches for Niagara
4. Gap charges will apply if you choose to renew once
the SMA has expired.

Q: How do I take my JACE 3, JACE 6 and JACE 7 up to
Niagara 4? How do you buy it when you’re rolling out a
new software maintenance policy?

A: Pre- and post-Niagara 4 release, you will need to add
a maintenance part to existing Niagara AX JACEs to
upgrade licenses to Niagara 4.

Q: Would you be able to revert back to Niagara AX from
Niagara 4 if you wanted to?

A: The conversion disk file will clean it and convert back
to the Niagara AX system. Niagara Central will host both
Niagara AX and Niagara 4 licenses.

Q: When migrating from Niagara AX to Niagara 4,
should you start by upgrading the existing JACE
hardware first?

A: No, you should upgrade the Niagara Supervisor to
Niagara 4 first.

Q: Which JACEs can be updated to Niagara 4?
A: The JACE 3E, JACE 6, JACE 6E and JACE 7 platforms
can be updated to Niagara 4.

Q: Can I have a mixed Niagara AX / Niagara 4 job?
A: Yes, however the Supervisor needs to be at highest

Q: How many accessory cards, or expansion modules,
can we add?

A: Up to 4 in various combinations. See the data sheet
posted online at tridium.com/en/resources/library for
additional details.

Q: Will we have the ability to place the modular
expansion cards on a bus? Or do they have to "snap"

A: Option modules will need to be directly connected to
the JACE 8000.

Q: Which option card modules will be available at

A: The NPB-8000-2X-485, NPB-8000-LON and NPB-
8000-232 will be available at launch.

Q: Is there a plan to port third-party option modules?
A: While not available at launch, Tridium is planning
to release an expansion module HDK. Stay tuned to
future announcements from Tridium about JACE 8000

Q: How many LON Option Module cards can be attached
to the JACE 8000?

A: Up to 4 can be attached.

Q: Can a JACE 8000 for Niagara 4 be downgraded to
Niagara AX 3.8?

A: Yes, once Niagara AX 3.8U that supports the JACE
8000 is released.

Q: If I don’t use all the devices I purchased, can I transfer
the device to another license?

A: No. Unless ordering a replacement unit, unused license
elements cannot be transferred.

Q: Can I still order Niagara AX JACEs?
A: Yes, they will ship licensed for 3.8, and you would need
to purchase maintenance to upgrade to Niagara 4.

Q: How do I buy drivers for JACE 8000?
A: Open drivers are now included, and a list of Niagara
4 drivers is posted online at tridium.com/en/resources/
library. Any additional boutique drivers will be purchased
ad hoc as before, though global capacity limits apply to
all drivers used on the JACE 8000.

Q: How can I buy the JACE 8000?
A: Tridium offers multiple options for purchasing JACE
8000s. Hardware and software can be bundled together
or separately. Also, you can add capacity later, as
needed. Please contact your distributor for details.

Q: When does the warranty start on the JACE 8000?
A: The hardware warranty starts when purchased from
Tridium. For North America, the warranty covers 18

Q: If the hardware fails, what is the warranty process?
A: Please contact your distributor for details.

JACE is a registered
trademark of Tridium Inc.