KB-8 How to BACKUP and RESTORE InetSupervisor.



In this procedure we assume that the InetSupervisor software is used with the LonWorks driver. Also we assume that you have the WinRAR (available as a free download from www.rarLabs.com) installed on the server. We recommend that you backup the InetSupervisor at least every day you make changes to the web site, the LNS database or the InetSupervisor SQL Server database. The InetSupervisor SQL Server database changes every time you import or modify points, configure or update schedules, add or configure users, etc.
To backup the InetSupervisor server you can use standard IT techniques to back up the entire computer’s hard drive. If you use Vista Business OS you have the computer backup accessible from the Control Panel. You also can use Symantec GHOST or the Acronis backup software. Secondly, you can follow the steps below to backup just the few files specific to the InetSupervisor project. There are three items to be backed up.
1. HMI web site files.
o To make a backup of the HMI web site you need to create an archive of the web folder. In the windows explorer navigate to C:\inetpub\wwwroot. There you will find the HMI subfolder. Right-click on the HMI subfolder and click on Add to “HMI.rar”. This will open the WinRaR and create an archive of the HMI web directory.
o You may want to move the HMI.rar into a backup folder where you store all backups from today. To be on the safe side, copy the backup files to a location not on this PC, perhaps an external hard-drive. Later store the hard drive in a safe location.
2. InetSupervisor SQL Server database
o To backup the SQL Server database you need to stop the sql server first. Begin the sql server shut down by closing or stopping all applications that use the sql

server. Click on the Start button, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services. In services you want to find the LNSDriverService, right click on it and click STOP.
o Next find ConcentratorServiceAtlas, right-click on it and click STOP. Now we are ready to stop the sql server. Find MSSQLSERVER service, right-click on it and click STOP.
o In windows explorer navigate to C:\LonWorks\Apps\Qci\MsSQL. There you will find the DATA subfolder. Right-click on it and click on Add to “DATA.rar”.
o You may want to move the DATA.rar archive to a backup folder where you store all backups from today. Now turn the SQL Server service back on, and then turn on all other services that you stopped earlier.
3. LNS LonWorks network database
o LNS network database can be backed up using backup and restore facilities build into your network management tool. We assume here that you use LonMaker for windows. Open LonMaker for windows and click on Backup button. Follow the backup wizard to backup the LNS database.
o You may want to move LonMaker backup to a backup folder where you store all backups from today.



To restore the InetSupervisor server you will need to install MS Windows OS, install and commission the LNS network management tool such as LonMaker for Windows. Follow these steps to complete the restore process:
1. Follow LonMaker backup and restore procedure to restore the backup of the network database. Make sure you can communicate from the LonMaker with all your devices.
2. Install the InetSupervisor from the original installation package. During the installation the InetSupervisor installer will install a new set of SQL Server databases. You need to stop all applications that use the sql server first. For detailed instructions on how to do that refer to the Backup procedure above. Next stop the sql server and restore the DATA folder from the DATA.rar archive. You need to override the files in the Data folder with the files extracted from the archive. Once done, start the sql server, and then start the ConcentratorServiceAtlas, and LNSDriverService. Now click on the start button/All Programs/HMI/DatabaseConfig/Configure/SqlServer/Verify DB Structure button. This will update the old databases with all new fields and tables needed by the new InetSupervisor version.
3. Last step is to copy all project specific web pages into the HMI web directory. You need to be careful as not to override the web pages that come with the InetSupervisor CD. Two exceptions are the navigation tree file qTreeNodes.xml and qTreeNodes0.xml and the QAccessGranted.aspx home page. These new files in the HMI web directory must be overridden by the files from the archive in order for the tree structure to show the old-backed-up content.

4. Inspect the content of the Log files in the C:\LonWorks\Apps\QCI\Logs directory. There should be no errors. If errors are present, stop the application causing errors, correct the problem causing the errors, delete the log files and start the app. Repeat this process till you fix all errors. Please note that the InetSupervisor related services have a build-in delay on start of about 90 seconds before the error logs get created and the application actually starts.
5. Verify that all your web pages work as expected

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