Inet Supervisor - How to configure an SMTP relay to forward e-mail or SMS text alarms from Inetsupervisor

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How to configure an SMTP relay to forward e-mail or SMS text alarms from Inetsupervisor


To e-mail or SMS text alarms from Inetsupervisor, an email relay is needed to pass the emails from inetsupervisor to your e-mail client. The e-mail client will then send the e-mails to the mail address in the To: section. This will show how to configure an email relay.

1. Install an e-mail relay on the server. There are many e-mail relays out there(most are free and open source). For this I used emailrelay (

2. Configured it to be a SMTP server with synchronous forwarding

3. Set the local server port to 25 and new authentication.

4. Set an SMTP client. I used a gmail account that is setup for alarm forwarding(, port:587, authentication with gmail uName and password).

5. Use defaults for the rest. Make sure to allowed remote clients, all interfaces

6. Setup the normal Inetsupervisor alarms

6a. Make sure alarm points are set to be notifiable and have configured levels.

6b. Users to receive alarms with the time span, and alarm levels

6c. In the config table make sure that AlarmEmailEnable is 1, and you can subject line for the email in AlarmEmailSubject.

7. Restart Concentrator

8. Any alarm in the alarm table with notified = false will then send. The Concentrator will send emails to the relay every pass of the alarms check.

9. This will work with regular email and sms text. In the user area change the the email to moblenumber@service.whatever (like and the mail will be sent like a text.

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