Tridium - EC-BOS-6/6E Platform Clean Dist Warning


EC-BOS-6/6E Platform Clean Dist Warning
The article was written in order to provide additional information concerning the released version of EC-BOS-6E (battery less EC-BOS with SRAM card) and to avoid an EC-BOS break down in case a Clean Dist is required.
            The EC-BOS-6 and EC-BOS-6E have their specific Clean Dist files. If working with an EC-BOS-6 with battery backup, only its specific Clean Dist file will be available but if working with an EC-BOS-6E, both specific Clean Dist files are made available.
Warning – If the wrong file is selected and executed, the Clean Dist process will render the EC-BOS-6 inoperable and unrecoverable.
If an EC-BOS-6E requires to be cleaned out and reloaded, make sure the right files is selected.  

EC-BOS-6/6E Platform Clean Dist Warning

Clean Dist file
EC-BOS-6 with battery


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