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Commisioning Wizard

Installing the files on a new EC-BOSAX




On a new EC-BOSAX, never transfer a station without having performed the Commissioning Wizard in the first place.


1-     Start EC-NET-AX.
Start -- All Programs -- Distech Controls EC-NET-AX (version) -- EC-NET-AX.
2-     In EC-NET-AX, go to File -- Open -- Open Platform
3-     Connect to the EC-BOSAX using the default IP address.
A quick way to remember the default IP address is:
- for EC-BOS-2AX and EC-BOS-6AX,
- for the EC-BOS-403AX and EC-BOS-545AX,
X being the last digit of the serial number posted on the side of the shipping box and under the cover of the EC-BOSAX
4-     The following pop-up will appear:


-   Enter the default IP address in the Host section
Enter the Username and Password in the Credentials section
The default credentials for an EC-BOSAX is not the Windows log-in as is the case for a soft EC-BOSAXbut rather:
             Username: distech
             Password: controls


5-     Commissioning the EC-BOSAX (MANDATORY).
 Now that you are connected to the EC-BOSAX,
-         go to Platform Administration,
-         click on Commissioning, this will launch the Commissioning Wizard.


Accept the general settings but make sure you set the Content Filter Level to UI+Runtime.
The EC-BOSAX comes out of the factory with minimal configuration so failing to do this step might result in blocking access to the device


-         at this point, you will be given the choice to transfer a station. This is the actual database, one that you would have previously developed and tested on your pc. Proceed.
6-     Installing the distribution files
The Distribution File Installer will complete the work begun with the Commissioning Wizard. You will install many important files and various Distech modules needed to run the Distech products smoothly.
-         Access the Distribution File Installer through the Platform
-         Browse to the correct folder “C:/niagara/EC-NET-AX-(version)/Distech Controls Distribution Files” by clicking on the folder image at the top
-         Proceed with the installation
-         A progress window will keep you up to date with the installation.
 Click on Close. Your EC-BOSAX is now ready to perform adequately

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