Tridium - Best Practices for Securing EC-Net-AX / Tridium Niagara Ax

Best Practices for Securing EC-NetAX



Limit User Permissions
Only allow users access to the specific things that they need to do their jobs. This is especially important when it comes to the file system. If a user has access to the entire file system, they have access to the entire station configuration. 
Specifically, the config.bog file, located in the station's root directory, can be a security risk. Security should be configured to limit access permissions of the user to only folders the user is required to access. These would include px, images, and nav folders. To setup, create a new category using the Category Manager. Using the Category Browser, assign only file folders that you need users to access such as file: ^px, file:^nav, etc. to the newly created category. Setup the user permissions to include only file permissions of the newly created file category. Keep in mind that by default all objects are assigned to category index 1 (Category1, or whatever the first Category component is named). 
Other Configuration Recommendations
Disable the Guest User
A station's UserService is designed so that whenever the built-in user "guest" is enabled, someone attempting to access the station will automatically be signed into the station as the Guest user--whether there is a password set for the Guest user or not. What that person is then capable of doing once inside the station is dependent on what permissions are assigned to user "guest". If the user attempts to do something that the Guest user does not have permissions to do, the user is then prompted to sign in as a different user, who does have the correct permissions.
By default, the "guest" user is disabled. Keep the "guest" user disabled.

Use Strong Passwords

Always use a strong password. From the property sheet of the UserService, you can configure to require strong passwords for all station users. See the "UserService properties" subsection in the "About Security" section of the EC-NetAX User Guide for more details. 

Use the Lock Out Feature

If someone is trying to "hack" into the station by constantly using different passwords for a user, and the specified number of incorrect login attempts occurs in a set time period, that user is "locked out" for the specified time period. See the "Lockout notes" subsection in the "About Security" section of the EC-NetAX User Guide for more details.
You should also limit the Services you allow your users to access. The UserService and CategoryService provide security risks if allowed to be accessed by all users. For more information about the UserService, Users, Categories, and properties/permissions, see the "About Security" section in EC-NetAX Users Guide. Note a subsection "UserService security notes" explains a special permissions scheme for a station's UserService.
Change the Default Platform User
Using EC-NetAX Pro, open a platform connection to the host. Navigate to "Platform Administration" and select "Update Authentication". Follow the prompts to change the username and password from the default settings.

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