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Updated on 2013-04-04
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Subject to the provisions described below, Distech Controls, Inc. warrants all new products supplied by it to be free from defects in Materials and workmanship, and promises to replace any products subject to such defects, if they are returned within 24 months of shipment date as described in Distech Controls’ Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Policy and Procedure. As an alternative to replacing the defective product, Distech Controls may elect to grant a monetary credit to the integrator, installer or distributor (herein referred to as the customer) as described in Distech Controls’ RMA Policy and Procedure.
The EC-Net line of products is guarantied for 18 months and carries its own set of procedure and policies.
The warranty period mentioned above is to be calculated from the date the product was shipped new to the customer.
This warranty is applicable within the following:
(a) The client shall follow Distech Controls’ RMA procedure and obtain an RMA number before returning the defective products;
(b) This warranty does not cover product defects due to the client’s faulty workmanship, handling, operation or use for a purpose different of that which the products were sold for;
(c) This warranty does not cover installation, labour or other costs except as provided above or as provided by Distech Controls’ RMA procedure;
(d) All replaced products shall be covered under this Warranty Statement anew, as described in Distech Controls’ Warranty Statement;
(e) Product must be returned in its original state, with all parts assembled, into its enclosure.
This warranty is given expressly in place of, and excludes all, other warranties and conditions expressed or implied, legal or conventional, whether under law, statute or otherwise; and it expressly excludes every form of liability for loss or damage, direct or consequential, resulting from defective Materials, faulty workmanship, services provided or otherwise, or damages for loss of profits, loss of revenues or loss of business opportunities, which other warranties the customer does hereby waive.

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