Distech Controls - Lonwatcher 3.4.1422.1 with Scheduler plug-in version 1.10.82 receiving the error message

Lonwatcher 3.4.1422.1 with Scheduler plug-in version 1.10.82  receiving the error message


"An attempt to format the requested data has failed. (Subsystem: Data Server,#35)" In the message logger.


In order to correct the issue described above please ensure the following:


1. Close Lonwatcher and any LNS plugins.


 2. Windows Program and Features > right-click on LonMark Resource Files 13 > Repair > No Backup

3. The Distech DRF are present in C:\LonWorks\Types\User\Distech


4. The Standard DRF are present in C:\LonWorks\Types


 5. Use the Echelon LNS Resource File Catalog Utility to confirm that those 2 sets of DRF are registered.




            Option 2.


1. Uninstall LonMark Resource Files ver.13 and install the ver.14.



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