EC-NetAX Niagara Framework Licensing
Maintaining an Open and Interoperable Energy Management System
Tridium, Inc., the developer of the Niagara Framework Technology that is the underlying technology of the Distech Controls EC-NetAX System, has develop a standard for licensing of the Niagara Framework software tools and devices called the NiagaraAX Compatibility Statement (NiCS), as defined in the attached NiCS document. This standard provides for the ability of each Manufacturer who rebrands or manufactures under license the Niagara Framework products to decide to what degree they will allow interoperability between their brand of Niagara Framework based products and other brands of the Niagara Framework products. As such each manufacture can decide how “Open” they wanted their Niagara Framework products to be.
Distech Controls has chosen to maintain a completely open Niagara Framework licensing for all of the Niagara Framework based components that it manufactures and sells. This means that the Distech Controls EC-NetAX system can interoperate with any other brand of the Niagara Framework software and hardware components that also maintains an open licensing or NiCS.
See below an example of the Distech Controls EC-NetAX license of the Niagara Framework, where an open license will have a “ * ” (meaning “All”) designation or open to all other Niagara Framework brands of hardware and/or software components. Any license that had any portion of its licensing without an “*” or “All” designation will be restricted in its ability to be open to interoperating with other brands of the Niagara Framework.

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