Distech Controls - Memory Erase Jumper

Memory Erase Jumper

Each controller (plastic enclosure) features a memory erase jumper that can be used to erase the Neuron chip’s memory. If an incorrect APB or NXE file is loaded into the controller, the Neuron chip's memory will be corrupted and no communication with the controller will be possible. The memory erase jumper can be used to correct this problem by resetting the Neuron chip’s memory; the chip will then be in an application-less state.

The memory erase jumper is labeled J2 on the Configurable controllers and the EC-67, J4 on the ECC-301, ECP-203 and ECP-300 controllers and J20 on the ECC-401, ECC- 520, ECP-400 Series and ECP-500 Series controllers.

To erase the Neuron chip's memory using the memory erase jumper, do the following:

1. Disconnect the power to the controller.

2. Place a jumper on the proper pins on the controller.

3. Reconnect power to the controller.

4. The orange-colored service LED will blink rapidly indicating that it is erasing the Neuron chip's memory. When the service LED stops blinking and remains solid, the erase procedure will be complete. The erase procedure typically takes between 2 and 10 seconds.

5. Disconnect the power to the controller and remove the jumper.

6. Reconnect the power. The service LED will blink twice and become solid indicating that the controller is application-less.

7. The proper APB (using the Commission or Load option in LNS e.g. Lonwatcher3) or NXE (using the Commission or AppDownload option in EC-NETAX) can now be loaded into the controller.

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