Don’t get into Deficit Credits

Adding credits to Lonwatcher3




First you will need to exacute the Lonwatcher3 software.

Second you will need to click on the "Settings" tab on the toolbar, and then click "License".

Third you will need to select the second tab of the pop-up window "LNS Information".

Fourth enter the number of credits you wish to purchase - MIN 50 CREDITS, then hit the next button.

Fifth click the "Copy to Clipboard" button.

Sixth you need to use whichever e-mail client you prefer Outlook, G-Mail, Yahoo mail, ect...  and address it to Connie@ct-supply.com and "PASTE" or ctrl-v in the body of the e-mail.





TO:     Distech Controls License Administrator

        Email:          sales@distech-controls.com

        Fax:    +1-450-444-0770  (please use email if available)


FROM:   Name:






SUBJECT: Order for LNS(tm) Device Credits (Form 3.0)



**                                                            **

** NOTE: This order form is for ordering LNS Device Credits.  **

**       LNS Device Credits are software keys that authorize  **

**       an LNS Server to Commission or Recover additional    **

**       devices.                                             **

**                                                            **




Please process the following order:


Number of LNS Device Credits ordered: ADD 64

Number of LNS Device Credits to be delivered (if less than

the quantity ordered):

Product: LNS Device Credits

Model Number: 34400


The following PC key value is filled in automatically by the LNS

Server License Wizard when you generate an LNS Device Credit order

as described in the product documentation.  You should always use

the order form generated by the software and send the form by email

(or fax if email is not available) to ensure that there are no

errors in transcribing the PC key value.


PC Key:  D650 7E10 06BD 5AE2 6A - 9B62 8B71 1B09 85A2 B59B 6E3A 7DDB 0765 D3B5 7B67 B277 157B


Select one of the following payment methods and fill in

the information for the requested method:


[  ]    Credit Card (minimum order of 50 credits)

        Type of credit card: 

                [  ] MasterCard        

                [  ] Visa      

        Name on the credit card:

        Credit card number:

        Expiration date:


[  ]    Purchase Order (minimum order of 50 credits)

        Purchase Order Number:

        Authorized by:

        Billing Address:

                Street 1:

                Street 2:



        Postal/Zip Code:



[  ]    No charge replacement credits.  By submitting an

                order for free credits, you agree that you will use

                these free credits only to replace LNS Device Credits

                that were lost due to a PC hardware or software failure,

                and you agree that you will provide information as

                reasonably requested to verify that the use of these

                LNS Device Credits is limited to the authorized uses. 

                There is no minimum order size; maximum order size is

                limited to the number   of credits that were lost as a

                result of the failure.



Your LNS Device Credits will be sent to you by email or fax as an

Application Key (a series of numbers and letters).  When you receive

the Application Key, run the LNS Server License Wizard again, enter

the Application Key on the second page of the wizard and then click









Best Regards,

Richard Bryant 

Technical Support Specialist


Control Tech Supply


972-243-6884 Ph.

972-243-6886 Fax 


This e-mail and any files or attachments transmitted with it contains information that is confidential and privileged. This information is intended only for the use of the individual(s) and entity(ies) to whom it is addressed. If you are the intended recipient, further disclosures are prohibited without proper authorization. If you are not the intended recipient, any disclosure, copying, printing, or use of this information is strictly prohibited and possibly a violation of federal or state law and regulations.



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