Lon - NI Error Codes

NI Error Codes


Network Interface Errors

These errors are returned by the LNS Network Interface. These errors will appear in the format

NI: #<Error Number>.


lcaErrNiNoDevice NI, #1

No network device is present.


lcaErrNiDriverNotOpen NI, #2

The network driver could not be opened.


lcaErrNiDriverNotInit NI, #3

The network driver required initialization


lcaErrNiDriverNotReset NI, #4

The network driver required a reset.


lcaErrNiDriverError NI, #5

An error occurred while communicating with the network driver.


lcaErrNiNoResponses NI, #6

No message was received during the wait time.


lcaErrNiResetFails NI, #7

The reset completion code was not received.


lcaErrNiTimeout NI, #8

Could not communicate with the network interface. A message timed out.


lcaErrNiUplinkCmd NI, #9

An uplink command was received from the LNS instead of a message.


lcaErrNiInternalErr NI, #10

An internal error occurred, probably an invalid completion code.


lcaErrNiFileOpenErr NI, #11

The log file could not be created or opened.


lcaErrNiNotLNS NI, #12

The network interface received an LNS command, when no LNS was present.


lcaErrNiInvalidData NI, #13

The parameter or return data was invalid.


lcaErrNiMsgRouted NI, #14

The message was read, but then processed by a message callback function.


lcaErrNiResourceProblem NI, #15

The required resources were not available to complete the function.


lcaErrNiInvalidNsi NI, #16

The attached network interface does not contain NSI firmware.


lcaErrNiBadMessage NI, #17

Poorly formed message.


lcaErrNiVniSendMsgFailure NI, #18

The VNI had a message send failure.


lcaErrNiVniSendRespFailure NI, #19

The VNI failed to send a response.


lcaErrNiVniReadFailure NI, #20

The VNI failed to read a message.


lcaErrNiLostRefId NI, #21

The VNI lost a network interface reference message ID.


lcaErrNiVniNotOpen NI, #22

The LonTalk stack has not been opened.


lcaErrNiVniInitFailure NI, #23

Could not initialize the LonTalk stack.

This is a network interface failure.

For USB U1/U20:

Open the LonWorks Interfaces Applet (Windows control panel), and see if you have three tabs

(one for USB). If not then it is possible that this got changed with a new software update. Run

repair on OpenLDV (in Windows control panel “Add or Remove Programs”) or install OpenLDV

3.4 or later from the Echelon download website.

For all other network interfaces


See KB403lcaErrNiObsolete NI, #24

This is an internal error and should be reported to customer support.


lcaErrNiBadRefId NI, #25

Bad network interface reference message ID.


lcaErrNiImplicitAddrDisallowed NI, #26

May not send implicit tags via NI layer. Must use a message monitor point.


lcaErrNiUnimplemented NI, #27

This is an internal error and should be reported to customer support.


lcaErrNiBufferSize NI, #28

The message length is too long.


lcaErrNiNoMessages NI, #29

Message not found.


lcaErrNiNegativeResponse NI, #30

Negative response.


lcaErrNiStateError NI, #31

Unable to change the state of the network interface.

See KB409


lcaErrNiReadBusy NI, #32

Previous response messages have not been read.


lcaErrNiMaxInterfacesOpen NI, #33

There are no network interface resources available.


lcaErrNiInvalidNiHandle NI, #34

Invalid network interface resource.


lcaErrNiOpenNiDeviceMismatch NI, #35

The network interface has already been opened with a different network driver. This error will

be generated if you open a network that is already opened using a different network interface,

LNS type, or database directory


lcaErrNiNoWinsockDll NI, #36

LNS attempted to use IP without the winsock.dll file installed.


lcaErrNiCantOpenIpLink NI, #37

An LNS network interface failed to open an IP connection.


lcaErrNiInvalidIpAddress NI, #38

An LNS network interface uses an IP address not defined on this PC.


lcaErrNiDeviceOpenFailure NI, #39

Device driver open failure

NI, #39 is a network interface error. It indicates that the network interface driver failed to open

the network interface. For the i.LON 10, i.LON 100 or i.LON SmartServer, this error occurs when

the LonWorks Interfaces driver configuration on your computer does not match the network

interface settings in your i.LON 10, i.LON 100, or i.LON SmartServer.

To correct the error, open the LonWorks Interfaces Control Panel program and verify that the

port setting, interface authentication key, hostname, and DNS suffix match the settings in your

i.LON. To open LonWorks Interfaces, click Start, click Control Panel, double-click LonWorks

Interfaces, and then click the RNI tab.

Make sure the Interface property is set to “Other”. If the Interface property is set to

“LonScanner” then change it to “Other” and try using the RNI again. The LonScanner Interface

can only be used with the LonScanner program.

Please reference the i.LON 10, i.LON 100, or i.LON SmartServer user guides or online help for

instructions in modifying the configuration of an RNI.

When opening your network, make sure you select the correct network interface. For an i.LON

10, .LON 100, i.LON SmartServer RNI, the name that you select in the LonMaker tool must match

the name that you see on the LonWorks Interfaces RNI tab.


lcaErrNiNoMoreLeft NI, #40

Signal iteration complete


lcaErrNiMipInUse NI, #41

If using a regular (i.e. not high-performance) LNS network interface, only one network may be

opened at a time. This error will be returned if you attempt to open a second network.


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