Tridium Niagara - Host-id Changes after a Windows Update

Host-id Changes after a Windows Update




Host-id Changes after a Windows Update



Host-id after a Windows Update


Niagara 4.3 and AX 3.8u2 have modifications that now guard against Windows updates resulting in hostid changes.

Installations of N4.3 and/or 3.8u2 will continue to operate normally and will not assume a new hostid after a Windows update.


All previous versions of Niagara could generate a new hostid after a Windows update, requiring a license replacement.


If license replacement is required, the affected versions of workbench will need to re-fetch licenses (launch the version of workbench, while connected to the internet so the license can be fetched from License Server).


Annual license renewal process


After completing annual license renewal, re-fetch licenses for the older version of workbench first.


Then request a license replacement to change the host-id to the 4.3/3.8u2 hostid and upon replacement re-fetch those licenses.


Multiple Versions of Niagara installed on a New Computer


In this scenario you need to first install one of the older builds of Niagara, license and launch its Workbench. Any build prior to N4.3 or AX 3.8u2 is fine, such as 4.2 and earlier or AX 3.8.111 and earlier.


Example: Customer needs to install AX 3.7.108, AX 3.6.406, N4.1 and N4.3.


  1. Install AX 3.7.108 as Administrator.

  2. License the newly installed AX 3.7.108.

  3. Successfully launch AX 3.7.108 Workbench.

  4. Close AX 3.7.108 workbench.

  5. Now that you have installed a version prior to N4.3 or AX3.8u2 you can now install all other builds, in any order.


Note: that a 32bit install will always generate a different host-id than a 64bit install.

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