Tridium Niagara AX End of Life timelines

Maintenance Policy

This is Tridium’s Maintenance Policy as of the date set forth above. This policy may be changed by Tridium at any time.
1) What does “Maintenance” mean?
a. “Maintenance” means creating and issuing Releases (other than major versions) for existing software products to correct bugs of defects, add enhancements to product functions, or otherwise improve the products. “Release” means all commercially released patches, builds, and versions. Each Release is identified as a build, patch, minor version, or major version by its number, using the following protocol
Maintenance does not include Major Versions other than those, if any, expressly identified by Tridium as being included with a particular Maintenance Agreement. Technical Phone Support is not Maintenance, is not available under Maintenance Agreements and is not covered by this policy.
b. Tridium considers creation and issuance of Releases to be issued as Maintenance for each of its Products during the Maintenance Period for the Product, but decisions about what corrections, enhancements or improvements, if any, to make are solely at Tridium’s discretion. Such modifications included in a Release for one version of a Product may not be included in a Release for another version issued within same Maintenance Period. Tridium has no obligation to correct any defect or to provide any particular improvement or enhancement.
2.) Maintenance Period.
a. Standard. The period during which Tridium may issue a Release as part of Maintenance (“Maintenance Period”) for Products is determined by Tridium on a case by case basis. The standard Maintenance Period is four (4) years from the date of commercial release.
b. Long-Term. Tridium designates some products as “Long-Term Support Releases.” The Maintenance Period for those products is seven (7) years from the date of commercial release.
c. Post-EOL. Certain products/versions may be supported for a longer period than the
d. product is available for sale. End of Life timelines for products will be announced on a per-product basis.
e. The Maintenance Periods for Tridium’s current products as of the date of this policy are:

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