Distech Controls - Fix GFX values that don't show up when Debugging

Debug Values in the EC-gfxProgram Do Not Show Up



The debug data in Lon is transferred through message tag links.  When the values don’t show up, there is a problem with the message tag binding and we have to redo the binding.  In the first example we demonstrate EC-NETAX and second one we demonstrate Lonwatcher.


First step is to close the EC-gfxProgram. Then go to the Link Sheet of the controller.



In the link sheet you should see the message tag  called "DebugMsgOut".  Select it and delete the link.



The next step is to go to the LonLinkManager and the message tag status should say Obsolete.



Select the link do a selective Bind, then the Status will be Unbound.  Hit Refresh and the link will disappear from the list.

Launch the EC-gfxProgram and click debug. The values will start showing up.



First step is to close the EC-gfxProgram if it is open. Right Click on the Network and select Mt connection Manager.



Select the DebugMsgOut of the controller that is not showing the debug values and Click Disconnect.



Launch the EC-gfxProgramand click debug. The values will start showing up.



Using the BACnet IP/mstp adaptor with your Laptop to communicate to the controller.  

Make sure the Device IDs of the Laptop and Router are different. If not the message debug might not make it’s way back to the Laptop.


The Firewall might be blocking the IP packets. Add a firewall exception for the BACnet default port (UDP: 47808)



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