Lonworks Scheduling, Linking Internal Controller Schedules SNVTs to Niagara AX Schedules

About Lon Devices
Lon device components are similar to most driver’s device components— see “Common device components”
in the User Guide for general information. Among the standard slots are “Device status properties”
(including a Health container) and a “Device Alarm Source Info” container slot.

Each Lon device includes a Points extension for Lon proxy points. However, unlike a few other drivers,
other device extensions such as Schedules, Histories, and Alarms are not used. Instead, other
components unique to a Lon device appear.

The following sections provide more Lon device details:
• Lon device overview
• ImportXml command
• DeviceData notes
• Lon device views
• Lon device actions


Lon device overview
In addition to standard device properties, each Lon device includes a “DeviceData” container, with a
number of properties for status and configuration of that particular Lon device. Typically, you do not
need to edit anything under this container. See “DeviceData notes” on page 3-28 for more details.
Also unique to a Lon device is its set of “LonComponents” that represent specific nvs (nvis and nvos),
ncis, and cps for that device. A shown in Figure 3-32, main access to LonComponents is via the property
sheet of the Lon device, where LonComponents are listed in “nv index” order below the “Xml file”
Figure 1.

Components in kitLon module
The kitLon module became available starting with AX-3.1, and contains the following components:
     • LonTime
     • LonTodEvent
LonTime provides “system time” ability from the station to any Lon device that has an nvi using
SnvtTimeStamp. To use, copy LonTime from the kitLon palette into the LonNetwork, and link as
needed to Lon devices.
LonTodEvent provides “go-between” ability from BooleanSchedules in the station (outputs: Out,
Next Value) to any Lon device that has an nvi using SnvtTodEvent. To use, copy LonTodEvent from
the kitLon palette into the LonNetwork, and link as needed between BooleanSchedules and Lon devices.

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