Tridium Niagara AX Batch Editor User Guide

About the Batch Editor
The Batch Editor performs the specified operation on all selected items (objects). To select items, you drag and drop (or
copy and paste) them into the Batch Editor’s Object field. Or you can use the Bql Query Builder.
For example, if your installation has 150 points configured to go offnormal when a property exceeds a given limit, you
could use the Batch Editor to change the limit on all objects at once. Otherwise, you would have to change the limit on
each object’s property sheet individually.
The Batch Editor requires the ProgramService in your Services container. If you don’t have this service, copy it from the
program palette.
If some items update while others generate errors in the BatchEditor Results box, make sure you are editing like items.
The Batch Editor will let you populate the Object field with all types of slots, but you may not want to run a batch edit on
all of them. A good practice is to click Clear All before starting a batch edit session.
You cannot batch edit frozen slots.

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