Export Tridium Niagara AX / EC-NET-AX schedules to BACnet controllers

Export EC-NETAX schedules to the BACnet controllers

Create a schedule in the EC-gfxProgram
Synchronize with action "Send schedule's configuration" in the EC-gfxProgram

Create a schedule in EC-NET

Under the controllers Schedules, go to BACnet Schedule Export Manager
Click on discover and you should find the schedule created in the EC-gfxProgram
Add the schedule to the Database and the the ORD select the EC-NET schedule that will control the AX BACnet Schedule.
Once added to the Database go to the schedule's properties sheet and configure the skip Writes
Make sure PriorityForWriting is set to TRUE
If Niagara is checked then the EC-NET schedule will be the master. If Device is checked then the EC-gfxProgram Schedule
will be the master. This option is available only once, right after the schedule is in the database and cannot be changed later
unless the schedule is deleted from the database.
Set to False the Cleanup Special Events in EC-NET and make sure that the Real Time Clock is synchronized in

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