Loytec - LIP-33ECTB - Multi-port IP-Router from LOYTEC DEFAULT IP

The default ip address for the LIP-33ECTB - Multi-port IP-Router from LOYTEC is

•     Routes    packets    between    CEA-709    and    IP
networks (10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet)
•     LIP-3ECTB    supports    one    TP/FT-10    channel,
LIP-1ECTB supports one TP/XF-1250 cannel,
LIP-33ECTB    supports    two    TP/FT-10    channels,
LIP-3333ECTB    supports    four    TP/FT-10    channels
•     Compliant    with    CEA-709.1-B,    CEA-709.1-C,    
CEA-852-B, ISO/IEC 14908 standard (LonMark
•     Tunneling    of    CEA-709    packets    through    IP
(Ethernet) networks
•     Configured    Router    Mode    support
•     Smart    Switch    Mode    support
•     Easy    installation,    Auto-NAT,    Roaming,    DHCP
•     Built-in    CEA-852    configuration    server    for    up    to    256
members (recommended 100)
•     Remote    LPA    support    with    LPA-IP
•     Built    in    web    server    for    the    device    and    IP-852    
channel configuration
•     MD5    authentication
•     SNTP    support    for    time    synchronization
•     Built-in    communication    test
•     Supports    firmware    update    through    serial    port,
Ethernet or CEA-709 channel
•     Network    diagnostic    LEDs
•     CEA-709    status    and    activity    LED
•     Ethernet    link    and    activity    LED
•     CEA-852    status    and    operating    mode    LED
•     Remote    monitoring    of    the    supply    voltage    and
device temperature
•     DIN-rail    mountable

After installation, the L-IP is ready to route
packets between the CEA-709 network and the
IP network. Thus, all CEA-709 networks connected
to L-IPs can exchange data over the CEA-852
channel. If connected to untrusted networks,
such as the Internet, all CEA-852 packets can be
authenticated by an MD5 checksum and time stamps.

Besides its primary router operation, the L-IP is a
powerful network diagnostics device. Its simple
and intuitive user interface provides an immediate
overview over the network status.
Both the CEA-852 channel and CEA-709 network can
be observed with 6 status LEDs. For troubleshooting,
the L-IP supports the remote LPA (LOYTEC Protocol
Analyzer) functionality so that the network can be
analyzed from any PC connected to the Internet.
With the L-SwitchXP and the L-IP, setting up a wide area
network infrastructure becomes an easy task.


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