How to Efficiently Setup a BcpBacnetNetwork and BcpLonNetwork Networks.

How to Efficiently Setup a BcpBacnetNetwork and BcpLonNetwork Network(s).
1. Poll Service
Check your Poll Service after about 24hrs of runtime. Be sure that you are in bounds with your fast, normal and slow rates. You should match the Poll Service to your average Poll.
The screen shot below indicates that the Normal Cycle Time is taking 10 seconds or 10002ms to poll the network. However, in the image below we have only given 5 seconds to poll the Normal Rate. This will result in backlog as you are not giving enough slack to the network to poll points.
To correct this you will need to set the Normal Rate above 10 seconds.
2. BcpPolicy Tuning in LON and BACnet
Best practice is to duplicate the BcpPolicy in order to efficiently manage you networks. If your end user is interested in points updating immediately then there should be a policy named accordingly (i.e: CriticalUpdatePolicy) and you can leave the min write time to 0. A min write time at 0 = upon change.  A min write time at 10 seconds means that the policy will wait 10 seconds before it writes, this will give some slack over the network.
3. Code:
Keep as much logic/code as possible in the ECgfxProgram or controller level. Avoid writing code in the EC-BOSAX. The EC-BOSAX resources should be primarily allocated towards PX pages, trending, Niagara networking, alarming, etc…

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