What does “open” mean and why is it so important?

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For buildings, data centers, manufacturing facilities and smart cities, “open” refers to an open platform that connects disparate devices and systems. The Niagara Framework is built on this open environment and guided by three core principles: Open Connectivity. Open Ingenuity. Open Choice.

Open Connectivity: Regardless of protocol or platform, the Niagara Framework connects to anything.

Open Ingenuity: Our technology is customizable without restrictions or limitations, allowing users and developers to add or expand Niagara’s capabilities. That’s a powerful differentiator, giving customers access to our partners’ experience and ideas, along with an extensive driver library.

Open Choice: Niagara’s maximum flexibility enables system integrators, developers and end-users to work with any vendor, build on existing systems and preserve legacy investments.

Because the Internet of Things encompasses a diverse and growing array of devices and systems, establishing an open environment is essential to its continued growth and optimization.

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