Niagara 4 Cross Over Web-based Training and Certification

Niagara 4 Cross Over Web-based Training and Certification             
 Be sure to watch this video to learn more about the Niagara 4 Cross Over Web-based Training:
We’re excited for you to get started! Certification Training is a prerequisite for purchasing Niagara 4 and is available now. Simply contact your Niagara partner about Niagara 4 training. If you have any questions, contact: 
•North and South America; email
•Europe, Middle East, and Africa; email
•Asia Pacific; email 
We offer several training options based on your credentials and role within your organization:
•For those who are Niagara AX certified, we have opened the Niagara 4 Cross-Over Web-based training and certification course. This is a self-paced, 12-hour e-learning course that can be completed online anytime, anywhere. (Part # TRN-DLS-N4-WBT)  The course agenda includes:
•Introduction to Niagara Distance Learning
•Niagara 4 Product Summary
•Niagara 4 Hardware Summary
•Niagara AX to Niagara 4 Migration Tools
•Niagara 4 Entity Model (Tagging, Hierarchy, Relationships, etc.)
•Niagara 4 Search Functions
•Niagara 4 System Architecture
•Niagara 4 Charting Functions
•Niagara 4 Security & User Administration
•Niagara 4 HTML5 Views
•Niagara 4 Dashboards
•Certification Exam - Niagara 4 Technical Certification      
•For new users or those who are not certified, we will be offering a Niagara 4 Technical Certification Program (TCP). This will be a 5-day, instructor-led training and certification program offered worldwide this fall. (Part # TRN-CRS-N4-TCP)  To register for a class, click here: Niagara 4 ILT Technical Certification Training
•Coming Soon: For developers, we will be offering Niagara 4 Developer Training and Certification soon to those who are Niagara AX certified. The class will center around the new, improved capabilities for developing on Niagara 4.  Additionally, we will be offering Developer Training for new developers. 



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