KB-19 How to add new icons for the Inetsupervisor navigation tree to display


The inetsupervisor navigation tree supports user defined or custom icon's. To change the icon associated with a leaf or branch on the tree:

1. Double click on the node in the tree builder and the select modify current node, from the options menu that pops up.

2. From the node configuration area, select an icon from the list.

3. Save the tree.

Optionally custom icons can be used by the tree. All icons are stored in the   c:\inetpub\wwwroot\hmi\sysapp\Flash\images    folder. Place any images into the this area and re-open the tree editor, if the icon is of a displayable format the icon will show in the list icons that can be used.

The icons work best if they are approximately 24x24 pixels tall and wide. There is no restriction on the image format, however png is recommended. png, jpg, jpeg and ico files have been tested to work.


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