Trend Graph User Overview

The trend user interface has 4 sections to it.

  • The points list
  • The tools section
  • Time-line adjustment
  • The graph view configuration
  • The graph/grid view

The points list

The points list is a sortable data grid the expands from the top left when a mouse/hover over event occurs, and shrinks when the use mouses out of the selection area.

Clicking on a listed point will select that point to be shown on the graph. The background color of the selected point will match the graph line color for easy correlation to the selected point. Multiple points can be shown at any one time, 30 different colors have been pre-chosen for differentiation between points. Clicking on an already selected point will remove it from the view.

The tools section

There are 5 main tool buttons to use.

Listed left to right below

1. The first is the refresh button. This will remove any time-line adjustments made and revert back to a stock look.

2. The second is a switch between graph and the grid view of the selected data points. Clicking this button will toggle between these views.

3. The third is a legend. When clicked the legend will show the selected data points in the view. The legend can be dragged and moved to allow viewing parts of the graph easier.

Clicking on the text of the legend will open a tool to adjust the color and type of line used to view the data. Also it can attache the data Y axis to the right side to assist in viewing or overlaying multiple data points with varying types of value ranges.

4. The fourth is a filter or search utility. Clicking will open a box where you can enter the filter criteria or clear a prior filter.

Filtering the data points will remove the points that do not meet the criteria list.

5. The fifth is a pring button. This will open you computers print manager to allow printing of the trend viewer.

Time-line adjustment

The 2 thumbs on the time-line slider, will zoom in/out, the trend view based in the start and end time selected.

The graph view configuration

By double clicking the background of the trend graph some adjustments can be made to the graph view. The left and right Y axis can be adjusted manually, the data's precision and time offsets and time grouping can be manipulated (live database instances only), enable a mouse tracker to assist in lining up values with time-lines and adjusting the graph line thickness.

The graph/grid view

This is the main graph viewer. The data point is listed by date left to right and by point bottom to top. The value is on the Y axis and the date is the X axis. Hovering or mousing over a specific data point will show a detailed tool-tip of that point with some series information.

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