KB-14 How to change or disable Inetsupervisor's auto-logout timer.

(2014 - OBSOLETE)


By default Inetsupervisor has a built in 30 minute auto log-out feature that is used to sense user inactivity and log them out automatically. This feature may not be desirable if the site is used by a person or people that monitor a single page or multiple pages that are changed on an infrequent basis. 

To change the default time or remove the log-out timer:

1. Open Dreamweaver (or your web-authoring tool).

2. Find the webpage QFrLeft.aspx, open it in code view and fine the javascript function named window_Onload

To change the default time:

1. The first line set's the time interval. Default is 30 minutes. Change the number to the desired wait time. This number is in milliseconds.

To remove the log-out timer:

1 Comment out the first 2 lines of code in the window_Onload function.

2 Comment out the line of code in the Init function below the window_Onload function.

Once this is done, there needs to be a least 1 data point being updated, at least once per hour to keep the background session alive. If there is no data traffic then the session will terminate and it will be necessary to re-login.

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