KB-11 How can data points be named to be user friendly and what are the restrictions


Project: InetSupervisor database, Points table, HMI website

The PointEditor is a web based utility that is used for configuring data points. User normally would assign a friendly description to each point by typing it into a LogicName field.

InetSupervisor has a LogicName column in the database that holds English descriptions. The maximum number of characters is 150.

When the system is deployed over large area we utilize a numeric value SiteID. This SiteID also has an alphanumeric description limited to 150 characters.

The LogicName shows in all of InetSupervisor application areas, trending, scheduling, alarming, etc. The SiteID works in the background (database level) but currently does not show on GUI, user must tell one point from the other by the LogicName. SiteID is used at SQL server level for programs to differentiate say, pointId 5 from one site, and pointID5 from another site.

Normally used characters for the LogicName friendly description include:

Numbers 0-9

Letters a-z

Letters A-Z

Characters "dash": -

Characters "underscore": _

Characters "space":

Prohibited characters include:

";", "/", "?", ":", "@", "=", "&","<" , ">", "#", "%", "{", "}", "|", "\", "^", "~", "[", "]", and "`", "+", "-",

Single and double quotes, commas are prohibited.

The characters listed above are prohibited due to URL encoding and SQL Server reserved characters limitations, not InetSupervisor. For these reasons Other vendors may have the same limitations.

We did limited testing with other UNICODE characters such Japanese characters and they work fine.

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